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Living in Melbourne

Melbourne is one of the most dynamic and diverse cities in the world where there is always something going on from festivals and shows to theatre, ballet and opera. Just about everything you can think of happens at some time of the year in Melbourne.

It is a city steeped in the history of white settlement in Victoria and the history of Australia. It shows how multi-culturalism should be in a modern city today with people from all walks of life living next door to each other. There are large populations of Chinese, Greeks and Italians as well as from many other cultures in the world. They all have a range of activities available to everyone all year round.

If you are living in Melbourne you can live in the fast lane in the city centre or a slower pace out in the suburbs but still keep in touch with the many activities available throughout the year. Public transport connects all of the suburbs to the CBD by trains, trams and buses. When you in the city nothing is further than a tram ride away.

The city is well represented by educational institutions from pre-schools to TAFE Colleges and universities that are spread out through Greater Melbourne and its suburbs. The range of tertiary education here is enormous.

Being a large and modern city there are all of the health services you are ever likely to need with several major hospitals and clinics for all of your ills.

If you are into sport of any kind you can play it in Melbourne. From bowls, cricket, Australian Rules football, soccer, basketball, baseball, netball, swimming, cycling, running, diving, boating and fishing it is all available in Melbourne. And if you like snow sports they are not that far away in the Victorian Alps. There are sporting clubs for people of all ages from under 5’s to mature age.

Being outdoors is easy in Melbourne due to the number of green spaces and parks that are in the city and surrounding suburbs. Most parks have cycling and walking tracks as well as playgrounds for the kids, places to picnic and many have BBQ facilities.

For the indoor lovers there are several cinema complexes to watch the latest movies from Hollywood and Australia, museums to wander through and learn a bit about the history of Australia, the Aborigines and our immigrant populations. Visit one of the many art galleries and wander through the lanes and alleyways full of boutique shops, galleries and much more.

Melbourne is also the place for all coffee lovers with a fantastic cafe culture that starts early in the morning and continues til late at night. There are streets here such as Lygon Street that are famous for the cafe culture and provide an atmosphere that is unique to Melbourne.

There is plenty of local live entertainment in the bars and pubs, in basements and rooftops the choice is yours. See national and international acts at the Comedy Theatre and playhouses.